Psychology of Development and Education

Psychology of Development and Education cluster description

The Psychology of Development and Education interest cluster includes courses in child and adolescent development; social, cultural and research bases for educational design and policy; methods for assessing individuals and programs; educational technology; and data management. The goal is to providing a wide range of perspectives on learning processes and outcomes, especially in children and adolescents. Students engaged in this cluster might prepare for more specialized training leading to careers in the design, management, and evaluation of new approaches to education and of new educational technologies, or to careers in research in these areas. Courses in this cluster can also prepare students for further training in research on a wide range of topics in the basic and applied developmental sciences, including the neuroscience of learning and development; typical and atypical cognitive, social, and emotional development; and clinical applications of basic research on such topics.

Potential Further Training that May Lead to Possible Careers Opportunities

By studying human cognitive processes, students develop a transferable skill set that can prepare them for careers in a variety of areas including child development, education (including education policy and education administration), specialized treatment for speech, hearing, and learning disorders, and cognitive psychology.

Disciplinary Core (300- level) Courses in PBS
  • P315 Developmental Psychology
  • P316 Psychology of Childhoodand Adolescence
  • P357 Topics in Psychology (topic would need to be tailored to interest cluster)
  • Relevant Elective (400- level) Courses in PBS
    • P410Development of the Brain and Behavior
    • P406Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
    • P443Cognitive Development
    • P406Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
    • P425 Behavior Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
    • P457Psychology and Neuro. Of Autism
    • P362 Practicum in Child Psychology
    • P457Developmental Interventions
    • P430 Behavior Modification
    • P435Human Learning and Cognition
    • P457Statistical Learning
  • Sample of Relevant Courses Outside PBS


    • EDUC-H205 Introduction to Educational Thought
    • EDUC-H340 Education and American Culture
    • EDUC-M300 Teaching in a Pluralistic Society
    • SOC-S 312 (24649) - Education and Society


    • P307 Tests and Measurement
    • P336 Psychological Tests and Individual Differences
    • P449 Social Psychology of Public Opinion
    • P457Real World Program Evaluation
    • INFOA114 Introduction to Databases
    • INFOA321 Computing tools for scientific research


    • P457 Psychology of Educational Technology
    • INFOC295 Leadership and Learning (IT practicum in schools).