Psychology, Coaching, and Performance

Psychology, Coaching, and Performance cluster description

The Psychology, Coaching, and Performance interest cluster examines the mental states involved in expert performance, and explores coaching tactics and situational factors that may to affect performance measures. Adopting a strictly scientific view of athletic, theatrical, musical, and other forms of performance, students will learn more about individual motivation, cognitive strategies for improved task performance, dynamic interactions between perception and action, analytical techniques for evaluating performance data, and the context of performance in society. This cluster may also be relevant to interests related to problem solving, and the psychology of games and play.

Potential Further Training that May Lead to Possible Careers Opportunities

Students interested in performance training & coaching, exercise science, recreation therapy, or sports management careers will learn more about the psychology of performance through this interest cluster. Students will also learn to perform analysis of performance, which may be relevant to careers in journalism, and analytical consulting.