Psychology, Criminal Justice, and the Law

Psychology, Criminal Justice, and the Law cluster description

The Psychology, Criminal Justice, and the Law interest cluster addresses the legal aspects of psychology, such as evidence and forensics. Portions of this cluster address the nature of evidence, with a focus on perceptual expertise, memory, and eyewitness testimony. Other courses address the role of addictions and mental illness with respect to justice and society. Classes outside of Psychology will address group dynamics and the cultural context of crime. This allows a broad examination of the psychological aspects of criminal behavior, corrections, and focus on improvements to the justice system through the application of psychological principles.

Potential Further Training that May Lead to Possible Careers Opportunities

With additional training, these skills will contribute to careers in legal practice, advocacy (Human rights, labor, etc.), forensics, police and criminal justice, FBI (and state-based bureaus of investigation), CIA, and other forms of security administration.