Challenging and diverse majors

Psychology and Neuroscience are interdisciplinary majors in the College of Arts and Sciences that challenge students to gain a solid grounding in the scientific understanding of the human brain, mind, and behavior and prepare to apply scientific knowledge to solve problems that impact human lives in many fields.

The flexible degree programs give you a way to immerse yourself in a field while exploring a variety of academic disciplines. Our courses appeal to students with diverse interests. You choose upper-level courses to shape your degree to your own interests. 

One benefit of the degree is the careful pairing of skill development across the liberal arts. As you advance your scientific knowledge, you also gain a deeper understanding of the social sciences and humanities.

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Is Psychology or Neuroscience right for you?

If you are someone who wants to: 

  • Develop a scientifically informed understanding of human mind, brain, and behavior.
  • Understand how the nervous system works to control behavior and how personal experience modifies brain function.  
  • Think critically and ethically about conducting research and applying the knowledge of psychological and brain sciences to solve problems in people’s lives. 
  • Apply your intellectual curiosity and imagination to research, working alongside faculty and your peers.
  • Immerse yourself in experiential learning – opportunities to earn credit for courses in which you apply knowledge and help others.
  • Prepare for many possible careers, or to train further in a profession or graduate school.

Then, yes, Psychology or Neuroscience might be a good fit for you.