Internships and Practica

Experiential Learning

In experiential learning opportunities, students apply what they're learning to conduct research, teach, deliver interventions, and meet genuine community needs. 

You'll benefit from personalized mentoring from faculty and professionals in the community as you develop skills characteristic of successful professionals.

Research Assistantships

Students who enroll in a Supervised Research course assist faculty with research on topics that attract students to our degree programs. You'll benefit from a personal mentoring relationship with a faculty member and interaction with other highly motivated peers and graduate students. 

Research team members develop professional skills as they work collaboratively, think critically and creatively, maintain ethical standards as they practice and apply scientific methods, and communicate their results. 

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Service-Learning and Practicum Courses

Service-learning courses and practica integrate academics and real-world experience so students acquire pre-professional skills as they meet genuine community needs.

In service-learning courses, in addition to the typical classroom experience, you'll spend 2-3 hours per week using knowledge and skills acquired in your class to meet genuine community needs. Current topics include interventions for childhood behavior problems, guiding girls through adolescence, and program evaluation. 

Psychology practicum courses combine an internship experience with independent study so students learn more about a profession and gain experience that graduate schools and employers desire. Current opportunities include serving as a social thinking mentor to young adults on the autism spectrum; delivering evidence-based interventions in schools or in the community; and assisting with research to evaluate clinical services and answer important questions about mental health. 

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Teaching Internships

Teaching Internship: Are you interested in learning what goes on "behind the scenes" as professors plan courses and develop tests and assignments? As an Undergraduate Teaching Intern, you will assist in an undergraduate course, attend weekly discussions of good teaching practices, and complete a project related to the aims of the course in which you are assisting. Learn more by talking with your academic advisor.

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