Career coaching, resources, internships

Resources in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Your Psychological & Brain Sciences academic advisor can help you reflect and plan ahead, coordinating the coursework for your major with other components of your degree, such as minors or certificates. 

PSY-P 199 Career Planning is a required course for all psychology majors. Enroll your sophomore year. 

Psychology and Neuroscience majors are welcome to drop by the Academic Advising Office (PY229) and check out books about making the most of your psychology degree; career exploration and professional development; and psychology-related careers in counseling, social work, business, and law. 

Explore Careers in Mental Health Care

New! Video guidance. Excellent resources.  > PBS Careers in Mental Health Care 

  • Explore diverse career paths within the mental health care field
  • Evidence-based practices are safe & effective psychotherapies. Why is it essential that you obtain training in them? How can you obtain training? 
  • Undergraduate preparation: Classes, experiential learning opportunities, research assistantships, community involvement, more.
  • Choosing a graduate degree: Doctoral or masters? PhD or PsyD? Clinical or counseling or...? 
  • Selecting graduate schools: Keep calm and use our resources to search for programs!