Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

  • Description

    The Neuroscience degree is designed for students who have an interest in the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience and who are interested in pursuing graduate training in neuroscience, attending medical school, or obtaining a research-related position in biotechnology, the life sciences, or the pharmaceutical industry.

    The major provides interdisciplinary training in basic scientific principles in the life and physical sciences that are necessary for an understanding of nervous system function, as well as training in the fundamental principles of neuroscience, and opportunities for more advanced training in specific topics in the field. Thus, students will gain a depth of understanding in neuroscience, from the cellular and molecular bases of nervous system function, to a systems-level approach to the study of brain-behavior relationships. 

    Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience Major Guide

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    The requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience depend on when you first enrolled at IU Bloomington as a degree-seeking student. The requirements in effect when you enrolled will remain the same throughout your time in school.

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